Chemistry 1H Info

1st semester 2nd semester
Information Sheet Chemistry Guidelines & Routines Topic Titles for your Notebook Topic Index Sheets: To help keep your notebook orderly Gradesheet for Chem Have you thought about your career?

  1. Periodic Table: print & put in your class notebook
  2. Calorie Graph: How do the calories in sandwiches compare?
  3. How to make a good graph
  4. MSDS activity (printout& write on it or on your paper)
  5. How to take good notes
  6. PPT Notetaking Guide
  1. Safety Rules
  2. Quizlet flashcards- study safety
  3. Safety Agreement
  4. Lab Rules Review and Lab Equipment
  5. Crash Course Lab Safety
  6. Equipment Pictures & descriptions
  7. Equipment Video
  8. Guidelines for Labs
  9. How to Record and Represent Data
Elements and their symbols THE polyatomic ions Polyatomic Ion Rap- Yo!! Memory Game - Polyatomic Ions Quia Polyatomic Ion Flashcard Game-click "list of activities->back to activity" Mahjong Memory Game Quizlet polyatomic ions Periodic Table Videos
Writing Your CHEMICAL Name Project Element Trading Cards Element Mystery Project DHMO project

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Three-Tab Book Accordian Book Bound Book Matchbook Pop-Up Book Standing Cube Top-Tab Book

Makeup Labs:(Requirements are on each link)

Sig Figs, Metrics, and DA Atom and Quantum Theory Matter and Change The Periodic Table Nomenclature Stoichiometry States of Matter and Kinetic Theory Mole Gas Laws Chemical Equations Acids/Bases and Solutions EEE and LeChatelier's Principle
Easy Bib Bibliography Guide How To Write a Research Paper with proper citations
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